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Now available from Allied International aircraft Speed sensors, Pressure transmitters, Thermal switches, and Thermocouples from AEVA ALLIED INTERNATIONAL sensors: crash, acceleration, shock, position, pressure, temperature. Sensor applications: aerospace, gas turbine and harsh environments . Manufacturers: Inertia Switch, Exxelia, Bokam Engineering,…

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Internal testing at aerospace igniter manufacturer AEVA has shown that industrial igniters wear out typically after 35,000 sparks or 300 30 second cycles. AEVA's aerospace igniters were shown to last for 1,600 30 second cycles or almost 90,000 sparks. AEVA…

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AEVA INDICATORS AEVA cockpit Indicators are OEM equipment on many Airbus helicopters. These well proven, reliable and affordable analog NVG indicators can be customized for applications on other fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. Contact us for details if you…

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Customized aviation cockpit indicators now offered to OEMs by Allied International. Designed, manufactured and supported by AECE AEVA. Custom solutions featuring low current draw and high reliabilityTorque/Temperature (T45, OAT)Pressure (oil, etc)Speed (NR, NF, NG, delta NG)Needles : simple, double, triple7…

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igniters, exciters and leads

Igniters Gas Turbine

Allied International distributes gas turbine ignition systems consisting of igniters , exciters and ignition leads manufactured by AEVA part of the AEC Group. The AEC Group acquired the activities of the Meggitt Angouleme site in April 2019 to form AEVA.…

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Helicopter and Gas Turbine Sensors

As US distributor for AEVA part of the AECE Group Allied International offers aircraft Speed sensors, Pressure transmitters, Thermal switches, and Thermocouples for OEM small gas turbine and helicopter applications. In addition to manufacturing  OEM sensors for Airbus Helicopters, AEVA…

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Alternative Braking Control Units ABCU

Available to OEMs in the USA from Allied International. AEVA ABCU Custom solutions for safety critical applicationsAnalog or FPGA digital electronicsLow power consumptionDO-254 compliance as requiredEstablished base of commercial aircraft installationsMade in France by AEVA division of AECE

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