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RADIAL ALUMINUM ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITORS CUBISIC HTLP Exxelia's new Cubisic HTLP is a significant advance over the popular Cubisic SLP and surpasses the competition. For a slight size increase the HTLP offers a significant improvement in capacitance and an increase operating…

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Now available from Allied International aircraft Speed sensors, Pressure transmitters, Thermal switches, and Thermocouples from AEVA ALLIED INTERNATIONAL sensors: crash, acceleration, shock, position, pressure, temperature. Sensor applications: aerospace, gas turbine and harsh environments . Manufacturers: Inertia Switch, Exxelia, Bokam Engineering,…

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Exxelia, a source of high Q factor dielectric resonators for critical applications, can now produce larger batches of its E7000 series, for increased cost-effectiveness. Designed for high-end filters where Q factor is critical, especially in space or military applications, the…

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Exxelia Custom Resistors

Exxelia Ohmcraft Custom Resistors Enable Metabolic Analyses of Live Cell Cultures in Pharmaceutical Research. Full article here . Contact franchised distributor Allied International for Exxelia passives: capacitors, resistors, magnetics

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EXXELIA Wet Tantalum

Exxelia Firadec CT79HT wet tantalum capacitors for downhole. Buy Exxelia wet Tantalum capacitors from Allied International. Wet tantalum capacitors feature tantalum or silver hermetic cases with axial leads or SMD style. Exxelia R&D push the limit of tantalum both in…

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