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Aquitaine Electronique and AEVA are critical suppliers of gas turbine components and test equipment to the major European engine and airframe OEMs.

AECE AEVA engine accessories


ALLIED INTERNATIONAL distributes aerospace and industrial products manufactured by the AECE Group in the USA . Aquitaine Electronique (AECE) is a self contained electronic, optoelectronic, hydraulic and mechanical hardware and software  design engineering company with full production capability from prototype to series production with in house PCB board assemby and wiring, environmental testing, and  Part 145 repair.


AEVA  gas turbine accessories and airframe components Allied International offers  can offer customized to meet customer requirements:

Diagnostic briefcase

AECE GSE and engine or airframe Assemby line test equipment

AECE GSE operator and OEM test equipment furnished to major European OEMs and now available customized  through Allied International in the USA include:

  • Cabin pressure test system designed for large commercial aircraft (A380)
  • Fly by Wire Flaps and SLATS diagnostic test KIT
  • Portable  FADEC diagnostic test KIT
  • Electronic waste water system test KIT
  • PDOS unit. Interfaces with Power Door Opening System and supplies 400 hz and 28 VDC  for inspection and maintenance of thrust reversers
  • Gas turbine engine development test stands used to run engines in the laboratory  for design and qualification
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