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The Hartmann DEF Delivery Systems are represented in Europe by Allied International who are solving a problem for manufacturers of diesel-powered equipment such as locomotives and construction machinery, excavators and the like.

The problem: New international environmental regulations require the use of DEF, Diesel Exhaust Fluid, sometimes known by a trademark ADBLUE to be injected into diesel engines to minimize pollution. Unfortunately, DEF has a very low melting point which means it solidifies at inconvenient times in inconvenient locations. Conventional systems require complicated and power consuming fill line, nozzle and receiver heating.

If you require a solution for these problems, Allied Inter can help by providing DEF systems. Hartmann provides pumps and diesel exhaust fluid delivery systems for various industries. These systems make it possible to break up the solidified DEF, which allows the diesel-powered equipment to keep running without producing harmful emissions and byproducts. The Hartmann’s DEF system is compatible with plastic and metal tanks, which ensures that your system meets your application requirements. Unlike other systems, there is no heating required, which saves time and energy.

Contact us today for more information about Hartmann’s diesel exhaust fluid delivery systems.

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