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The successful Dragon Capsule launch was exciting. At Allied International we are proud to have played our our small part.

In 2012 CEO Thomas Bernard led a management buyout of LMB Aerospace from Honeywell International. As the North American distributors we at Allied International were asked what kind of additional marketing support we needed to accelerate growth. I asked for a detailed catalog, a website with downloadable data sheets, trade show participation and a customized mailing list, all of which were granted. Negotiating with the mailing list vendor, I asked for a few samples to test. One of the names was a thermal engineer at Spacex. I sent her an introductory email, not really expecting to sell a fan to a rocket company. She replied to me immediately and the rest is history. It took years of investment by LMB and Spacex, but the crewed Dragon Capsule incorporated LMB fans.

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