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Chambrelan heavy duty sliding systems meet the challenges of emergency vehicle design. They provide safe and easy stowage and access to tools and equipment regardless of environmental conditions like shock, vibration, dirt, dust, humidity, and temperature extremes. Chambrelan sliding systems are not just limited to standard heavy duty steel and aluminum drawer slides. Emergency vehicle equipment offered to manufacturers and customizers include : bi-directional double extension slides, over extension slides, slide and tilt slide systems and slide slam locks.

bi directional slide installaton on emergency vehicle

Double extension drawer slides with a bidirectional movement for access from either side of the vehicle

Pivoting slide and tilt system enables safe instant access to high level above shoulder height drawer stowage of loads up to 100 kg.,

Over-extension slides extend 150% of the closed length, thanks to the 2 intermediate beams. This allows the operator to pull fixed equipment such as a generator all the way out to access rear mounted connectors.

slam lock
Slam lock handles to easily and securely lock drawers in open or closed position

If you manufacture customize emergency vehicles and would like to learn more how Chambrelan sliding systems can improve convenience, safety and reliability contact us

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