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Allied International’s origins are in solving aviation problems. Our team of experts has many years of experience helping engineers achieve their design goals. We have always sought out highest quality innovative niche products that solve customers’ problems. Over the years we have discovered markets in other industries that demand the same level of product expertise and innovation and we have provided our customers in those markets with the same level of service and integrity required by aerospace. Our industrial engineering tool applications are designed to solve problems in various industries, which includes aerospace, oil and gas, medical, military and much more. These industries require precise tools to solve the many complications and puzzles in the manufacturing process. Whether you are looking for the best way to increase your aircraft’s power or need to develop a compactor to easily drill in the oil and gas industry, our team will help you conquer any challenge.


Our sales network covers the OEMs like Airbus, Rolls, Boeing as well as the operators be they military , commercial or private as well as the MRO community that serves them around the world.

Our most popular industrial engineering tool applications  are in the aviation industry. Products we have to offer include: Inertia Switch  limit and G switches, EXXELIA capacitors, filters,  slip rings and magnetics (transformers, inductors), RBC Bearings , AECE engine and airframe assembly and laboratory test equipment, AEVA igniters,  exciters, leads, readouts, speed sensors, pressure sensors, shunts,  PTFE fuel and hydraulic flexible hose,  QDs,   and our own acoustic silencers and contract machining and fabrication.


Our focus on extreme environment niche engineered products extends to the down hole environment where temperatures reach 250C accompanied by severe shock and vibration.

Products we have to offer include:EXXELIA capacitors, PIC Design, Houston Precision Fasteners, Rudolph Hoses. AECE group designed the MIRZA innovative tiltmeter system for the monitoring of shale gas drilling, hydraulic fracturing, nuclear installation, hydraulic dam and ground deformation from naturally active zones (faults, volcanoes, hydrosystems)



Our sales network covers the Medical OEMs like Philips, GE Medical, Hill Rom, and the maintenance community that services XRAY and other medical imaging Equipment.

Custom and off the shelf Products we have to offer include: Exxelia Capacitors,  magnetics, slip rings and resistors .  More detail  Exxelia medical  application hereBOKAM joysticks, Chambrelan telescopic slides for imaging equipment and hospital beds.  A detailed presentation of five Chambrelan applications for the medical industry can be found on the Chambrelan website


The high technolgy products we sell find their place in manufacturing plants at customers in industries like packaging, automotive, solar energy, wafer  fab to name a few

Products we have to offer include:PIC DESIGN motion control componentsChambrelan slides and rails, Aquitaine Electronics AECE design and production of process control hardware and software, Rudolph hoses , Exxelia  capacitors.


Allied is a trusted supplier of space qualified components. As a partner in LMB NA we have worked with two manned space capsule manufacturers to qualify cooling and ventilation fans for ISS missions.

Allied distributes : Exxelia passive components  approved by the European Space Agency (ESA) Eurofarad and Temex High Q Ceramic capacitors and dielectric resonators, Firadec wet and solid tantalum capacitors, Eurofarad and Dearborn polyester and Mica film capacitors, Microspire Magnetics and Temex high frequency narrow bandwidth invar screws. Download an overview of the Exxelia Space product line here. Exxelia ESA QPL capacitors are the following series : PM90S, PM907S, PM96S (T), PM94S, PM948S, MKT5, KM111S, KM94S

Allied also sells Inertia Switches for rocket stage separation, parachute deployment and RBC bearings for satellite solar panel deployment and rocket motors.

AEGIS part of Allied’s new principal AECE has designed and manufactured   test cabinets for production line  electrical testing of space level pyrotechnics devices  and strain gauges including hardware, software and wiring harnesses.
Test management software





Allied has a long history in the railroad industry dating back to the sale of the Turbomeca gas turbine engined Turboliners to Amtrak in the 1960s.

Products we have to offer include:  acoustic media as supplied to Bombardier for the Acela trains. Hartmann Controls DEF fluid fast fill system for diesel locomotives. Chambrelan rails for passenger car door opening systems and Chambrelan slides  for battery boxes on locomotives and electric buses. Exxelia safety capacitors filters,transformers, inductors. Download a pdf of Exxelia products for the railway industry here

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