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EXXELIA Wet Tantalum

Exxelia Firadec CT79HT wet tantalum capacitors for downhole.

Buy Exxelia wet Tantalum capacitors from Allied International. Wet tantalum capacitors feature tantalum or silver hermetic cases with axial leads or SMD style. Exxelia R&D push the limit of tantalum both in terms of voltage (170V), capacitance and temperature (200°C). More than just high temperature, they are qualified for use in downhole oil exploration MWD and LWD applications. Downhole electronics need to survive severe rapid temperature shock transitioning from the cold of the Arctic surface to 200°C deep down the hole. The same electronics are usually found in close proximity to the drill bit which transmits violent shocks and vibrations as it cuts through subsurface rock formations. Years of development and testing went into improving the hermetic glass seal to survive these difficult downhole conditions. In one wireless drilling application the energy a bank of Exxelia wet tantalum capacitors is used to communicate data to the surface by pulsing the drill mud.

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