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If you are looking for a way to silence your airplane, our team has many decades of experience and can help you determine which of our industrial acoustic products will work for you. These specialty products allow the passengers to enjoy a quite trip, as opposed to hearing the rush of wind or the loud sounds of an aircraft engine. These industrial noise control products allow for easy communication between pilots, crew members and more.

The Acoustic Division offers a complete line of industrial acoustic products and services to help our customers solve the most demanding noise treatment problems. Allied International Corporation, specializing in noise treatment or acoustic attenuation products, has been serving customers in the USA, Europe, and the Far East for over 50 years. One of our most popular industrial acoustic products is the proprietary metal fiber based acoustic media that is particularly suited for high frequency noises associated with blade passing frequencies found in Environmental Control Systems (ECS)), Auxiliary Power Units (APU) and high-speed electronic cooling fans. Environments characterized by high airflow velocity, extreme temperature, and humidity preclude use of lower cost acoustic attenuation media like foams. We have modeling software which enables us to predict insertion lost using customized silencer design.


Allied’s design experience includes high and low pressure ducting, ECS ram air inlets and exhaust packs. One of the issues with fiber metal acoustic treatment is the high cost. We have developed new lower cost metal fiber acoustic media without loss of the advantages. We have designed bleed air silencers for a business jet program that had limited space available but required high levels of attenuation. Our solution helped reduce cabin and cockpit noise by 15 db(A). Within 9 months we designed and supplied silencers to retrofit the entire fleet of 134 aircraft. The silencers are manufactured at our AS9100 facility in Deland Florida.

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Designers concerned with respiratory health should be aware  that AIC stainless steel acoustic media is non wicking  and easy to clean. There is no possibility for fluid borne bacteria or virus to  accumulate and propagate on the surface. In fact there have been applications where fiber metal acoustic media was used in air ducting of hospital clean rooms.


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