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Since 1951, our family owned business has helped solve your biggest engineering problems. We pride ourselves on being an engineer’s go-to source for help achieving design goals. Whether you need to make a modification to your aircraft or require a specific tool in the oil and gas industry, our experienced team will provide the information and products you require to achieve your goals. Allied International offers the highest-quality industrial engineering products and tools possible. Our industrial engineering equipment comes to you from some of the most reputable and innovative brands in the industry. Some of the brands we offer include Chambrelan, Inertia Switch, Exxelia,  Bokam, and more. Our offerings include bearings, acoustic products, capacitors, hardware, impact switches, joystick technology, hoses, and more for applications in various industries. The industrial engineering products we offer are typically utilized in the aviation, oil and gas, and medical industries. Find the engineering tools that fits your application today.


AEVA is the European market leader for turbine ignition system, and a major provider of braking control units, cockpit panel indicators , shunts as well as speed and pressure sensors. AEVA ia part of the AECE Group


Chambrelan  heavy duty telescopic slides and liner guide rails. PIC Design Motion control components like gears, belts and shafts.

Exxelia aerospace Capacitors


Exxelia Custom and off the shelf plastic film, tantalum, ceramic and electrolytic capacitors for high end applications


Spherical , high load, plain and Dyflon self lubricating for aerospace, naval, nuclear applications from RBC Southwest Products.


Components for Diesel Exhaust Fluid handling applicable to locomotives and heavy equipment. Originally designed for and currently used on locomotives with Caterpiller Diesel engines.


    • Mechanical: Aerospace grade fasteners, black oxide metric fasteners,   GSE fluid quick disconnects also known as hydraulic couplings, airport refueling valves, nozzles and hydrants.
    • Electronic: thermostats, relays (MIL-PRF-83536), acceleration switches,  precision aerospace limit switches, Mil spec EMI,  wire (MIL-C-27500), flexible EMI IP68 conduit,  connectors, gaskets, pins conduit and backshells. Our supplier factory is open. We can cross many competitors backshells.







EXXELIA EMI-RFI low pass filters as well as EMC (tempest, IEMN) filters based on capcitor and magnetics expertise


High precision electromechanical acceleration switches for aircraft crash detection, rocket stage separation and safe/arm applications from Inertia Switch Inc.


Electromechanical limit switches  for rugged environment applications like jet engine thrust reversers  and helicopter landing gear designed by Inertia switch.


Intelligent optionally force proportional and/or position sensitive man machine interface devices for extreme environments such as battlefield and underwater from Bokam


Flexible hose and electrical conduit  for aircraft, naval,  and offshore applications; bulk and with fittings


High precision custom and COTS  inductors,transformers and rotor/stators for high-performance applications in high grade electronics from Exxelia Magnetics Global Business Unit. Factories are located in France, USA, Morocco, and Vietnam. A wide range of magnetics to meet ESA QPL, EN aerospace and rail, IEC railways, US MIL, UL, ROHS

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