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Welcome to Allied International, family owned engineering focused, problem solving manufacturers and international distributors of aerospace, military and industrial   products since 1951.

Champion UPS and TRU

World wide OEM and MRO marketing and sales  representative for innovative aircraft 28 and 270 VDC PCTRU (Passively Controlled Transformer Rectifier Units) and bus hold up UPS/Surge protection modules

Chambrelan telescopic drawer slides and rails

Exclusive distributor heavy duty industrial grade telescopic slides and linear guide rails featuring exclusive Slam Lock, Slide and Tilt, and over extension.

Inertia switch

International distributor aerospace  electromechanical impact , acceleration, and limit switches and “Wagner” sunlight readble legacy cockpit display readouts.

Franchised distributor of aerospace and high end rugged environment capacitors, filters, magnetics, slip rings and position sensors offering catalog and custom solutions.

RBC Southwest Products bearings

Long time international distributor of aerospace spherical bearings and bushings featuring Dyflon liner system pioneered by Southwest Products.

International representative of Bokam Engineering strain gauge based human machine interface devices such as joysticks  for rugged environments including underwater and explosive.

International representative of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) fast fill systems for locomotives and heavy equipment with 200 gallon and over DEF tanks.

Exclusive distributor industrial grade DC linear actuators, throughgoing spindles, gear motors and ball valves .

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