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Igniters, Exciters And Leads

Ignition Systems Gas Turbine

Ignition systems for gas turbines consisting of igniters , exciters and ignition leads manufactured by AEVA part of the AEC Group are distributed to OEMs in the USA by Allied International. The AEC Group acquired the activities of the Meggitt Angouleme site in April 2019 to form AEVA. Over the next three years AEVA are investing 4 million Euros to upgrade the factory and add new workers.

AEVA has a well established installed base of ignition systems on European helicopter and business jet gas turbine engines with production of over 3000 igniters annually and is looking to find applications on similar North American based engine programs.

AEVA offers reliable customized Single or Dual channel ignition systems solutions combining primary and re-heat ignition. AEVA Patented solid state solutions incorporate simple but reliable electronics designed for long life in high temperature and vibration environments.

For industrial gas turbines AEVA can offer igniters with the life span of aerospace igniters which is twice the lifespan of typical industrial igniters at an industrial price. We can help our customers reduce their maintenance costs

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