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AEVA Embedded engine memory stores turbine engine component operating and maintenance history

MeMo Gas Turbine embedded memory

Allied International is the USA OEM distributor for the MeMo by AEVA. MeMo is an embedded memory device for engine HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System) . MeMo can be mounted on all type of equipment requiring maintenance follow – up (actuators, pumps … ), operating in rugged environments such as engine components. MeMo works in an operating temperature range of -60 C to +150 C compliant with DO160G for shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, lightning/EMC.

The MEMO memory device is configured based on the type of component to store specific data such as part identification, conformation/calibration configuration date, and runtime sent to it by the FADEC via the CAN bus. Maintenance technicians can download the data after the component is removed for repair and upload new data such as calibration which will then be communicated to the FADEC when the component is reinstalled on the engine. Data sheet

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