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full extension 3 beam or 3 element telescopic slide by Chambrelan

Chambrelan magnetically synchronized slides

New design improvement from Chambrelan
The full extension slide consists of 3 elements: inner, outer and middle. The outer element is normally attached to the cabinet and does not move. The inner element is attached to the drawer or whatever is going to move. When you pull on the drawer the inner element moves first creating torque stress on the middle element which results in more effort required to fully extend the slides. Chambrelan is introducing synchronized slides using magnets which cause the middle slide to extend before the inner slide thereby reducing the effort needed to reach full extension. This new feature is standard on the popular RA5R and RA5F slides. Because there are temperature limitations on the magnets this feature is good only for applications with sustained temperatures below 175 degrees F.

The RA5R 3 beam zinc plated steel telescopic slide is intended for heavy loads in applications requiring high strength slides.
We offer standard closed length from 250mm to 1600 mm.The RA5F is similar except with locking in the closed position.

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