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MIRZA Geophysical Tiltmeter


An example of the multidisciplinary innovation from the AECE Group is the MIRZA a tiltmeter system for the monitoring of ground deformation from naturally active seismic zones (faults, volcanoes, hydrosystems) and geological reservoirs.

For more than 30 years AECE has designed and produced electronic equipment ,systems and electrical harnesses for the most demanding industries, aeronautics, defense, naval, medical as well as Oil & Gas. AECE offers complete “turnkey” services and supports its customers in all phases of their projects, from design to qualification, providing maintenance support over the entire lifetime of the product. AECE’s expertise is complex embedded systems that can integrate optics, hydraulics, mechanics
and electronics, all managed by embedded processing software.

MIRZA is a monobloc , hermetically sealed inclinometer incorporating laser inferometry technology making optical measurements of the order of nanoradians, with more than a hundred measurements / second. Mirza can be installed underground to filter out surface deformations and can function autonomously for several years without external power. It communicates in real time wirelessly.

Mirza embedded software capabilities feature visualization, logging and alert cloud or client software loading of models for comparison with actual data, identification of the source of ground deformation and On-demand post treatment and analysis.

MIRZA Data Sheet

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