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Allied Inter is proud to offer aerospace products from Champion. These products are designed to provide power to an aircraft. The extra power is necessary to add additional features and components to your helicopter or airplane. Our aerospace supply offerings include multiple options to ensure your problems are solved. Whether you need to implement missiles or radar to your aircraft, our expert team can help you achieve any design goal you may have.

Champion UPS and TRU

Looking for more on board aircraft 28 VDC or 270 VDC power?

Allied and Champion have the power conversion answers with reliable proven Mil Std TRU and surge protected UPS to translate 400 HZ AC into smooth DC power for power hungry add on systems such as  radars, telemetry, communication gear  or just wide screen televisions.

For more than 40 years, Allied has been the main source for sale and repair of Champion (formerly WAGNER ELECTRIC) brand power supply aerospace products. Transformer-Rectifier Units (power supplies) or TRU can be custom tailored to customer specifications. Champion Aerospace has also pioneered design improvements in its power supply line—now with ratings up to 300 amperes. And, by simulating operational environments and stresses in the development process, Champion’s power supplies meet virtually every design objective required by airframe manufacturers.

Lightweight Power Supplies

Champion TRU provide rigid physical support, full circuit enclosures, and optimum, uniform heat dissipation. The unique “Y” configuration reduces weight and space factors. This also allows the power supplies to be mounted in any position, fan or blast cooled and have far greater flexibility in termination and terminal locations. Champion TRU are known for reliability (near linear voltage regardless of load variations) and the ability to withstand extremes in altitude, temperature, shock, vibration, and gravity and are They are qualified to Mil Standards controlled by the US Navy (NAVAIR). OEM applications have stood the test of time and combat on aircraft like F-16 and C-17. For avionics upgrades or special mission conversions of military, commercial, and corporate aircraft which require additional DC power, Champion TRU’s offer an off the shelf qualified rugged and economical solution to the need to convert 400 Hz AC to 28 VDC and Champion is working on the next generation 270 VDC TRU for the aircraft of the future.

PCTRU Power Quality Improvements

Conventional wisdom says that while unregulated TRU are more robust than regulated TRU or RTRU they have higher DC ripple voltage. With the latest Champion Passive Controlled Transformer Rectifier Unit (PCTRU) this is no longer the case. Tests have shown that Regulated TRU DC ripple voltage which meets Mil Std 704 exceeds the 5% noise modulation limits for proper communication function. The real life implication of this level of ripple was noise on the communication line between the pilot and the back of a military helicopter. PCTRU DC ripple Voltage is 90 % lower than RTRU ripple voltage. So the Champion PCTRU provides cleaner and smoother power than either regulated or conventional TRU, without sacrificing the robust reliability of the unregulated TRU. The PCTRU is available as 50 to 300 ampere TRU.


The patented and exclusive to Champion Aerospace Model 28VUPS29FSPD is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with an integrated transient voltage Surge Protection Device (SPD) circuit specifically designed for airborne applications. The UPS was originally designed for a military helicopter application to maintain availability of critical mission electronics during DC bus transfer from APU to main engine power. The UPS provides 250 amps of holdup power for 50 milliseconds for a resistive load or 150 amps for 500 milliseconds. The surge protection device (SPD) clamps high voltage transients to 40 volts DC maximum thereby protection aircraft avionics and other aircraft protection systems from damaging high voltage surges. The UPS has been adopted by many of the latest special mission aircraft programs like  Marine Patrol Aircraft (MPA)  along with the Champion PCTRU


Typically , unregulated TRU DC output is subject to transients caused by frequency variations in the AC input current These transients are suspected of accelerating failure rate of avionics and other airborne electronics. One failure mode is related to fan life. DC electronics cooling fans like to run at constant speed. Since fan speed is a function of voltage, constant voltage changes cause accelerated bearing  wear and premature failure of the fans causing electronic systems to overheat and fail.

  • HIGH VOLTAGE TRANSIENTS are eliminated by the surge protection feature
  • LOW VOLTAGE TRANSIENTS are eliminated by the UPS

Champion Power Supply Video

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