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AECE AEVA engine accessories

AEVA exhibiting at Heli Expo in Dallas March 8-10  2022 . Stand 1926.    We look forward to meeting Airbus Helicopter operators as well as  anybody   involved in maintenance or design of helicopters or helicopter engines.   AEVA  are OEM suppliers to European OEMs like Airbus, Safran, and Thales. We are  seeking to meet new US customers. Products include : igniters , exciters and ignition leads, engine pressure and speed sensors    analog cockpit displays for engine data and rotor speed,   engine and airframe maintenance and  assembly line test equipment. AEVA is OEM and FAA  authorized to sell and repair rotor and engine speed, pressure. temperature  and torque indicators. AEVA exhibiting at Heli Expo is  supported by North American Distributor Allied International, proud USA partner of leading European Aerospace manufacturers for 50 years. Since the acquisition of Meggitt Angouleme AEVA has undertaken a major development effort:

• Semiconductor production under local cooperation
• In house Iridium machining
• Igniter Leakage target of 0.5 cm3/min exceeded
• Development of a Coil on plug for space application
• Low cost igniter: use of standard materials (ceramic tube)

As part of the Syrena 2 demonstration project AEVA’s parent company Aquitaine Electronique  developed the tiny  MeMo memory device which is attached to repairable components to store specific data such as part identification, conformation/calibration configuration date, and runtime sent to it by the FADEC via the CAN bus.

AEVA Embedded engine memory stores turbine engine component operating and maintenance history
aircraft Speed sensors, Pressure transmitters, Thermal switches, and Thermocouples
AEVA helicopter turbine igniter, exciter and lead
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